I blame my Dad. Because that’s how it all started – during my teen years, my Dad had his own painting business and my brother’s and I would help him out on weekends, painting new homes.

When I got bored of puttying what seemed like the millionth nail hole, I would wander around the home observing the way it was laid out and what its good points were and where there was room for improvement.  That was when the seed was planted.

Not surprisingly, a few years later that blossomed into a passion to design homes and so a diploma in Architectural Design Technology soon followed.  After working in the architectural design field for a few years, I discovered an equally strong interest in interior design. Upon completing  interior design training I then headed off to the UK for a few years to hone my craft, working in and around London on a wide variety of interiors for a boutique residential design firm.

My passion for Timberframe and Cabin homes was revealed upon my return to Canada in 2006 when I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to design interiors for a 12,000 sq ft ski-in, fly-out, private lodge, and it never gets old because it combines my love of nature and the outdoors with my talent in the architecture and design world.

I’m passionate about opening peoples’ minds to possibilities and revealing potential. Whether I’m working with private clients on private commissions, speaking on home show stages, or leading hands-on design workshops. I am told I have a knack for connecting with people, empowering them to articulate and realize their design goals.


I grew up travelling the world, having lived in Borneo, England and Abu Dhabi which gave me a love for culture and travel. That resulted in a career in the travel industry for years in which I loved creating memorable itineraries for people. It helped hone my talent for blending big-picture planning and attention to detail.

But I always nurtured a love of interior design and eventually decided to indulge my passion. So after taking Residential Interiors and Visual Design programs at U of A, and U of C, I eagerly began my career in interior design.

I enjoy watching a room come together and take shape, and love sourcing the perfect items for a space.

In my role as Design Coordinator I keep the design process flowing and efficiently organized. I create design presentations, and coordinate project phases including procurement and installations. I take care of everything from initial quotations, to sourcing of items, to scheduling our trades.

When I’m not at the soccer field cheering on my two daughters, my family and I spend as much time as possible in our “second home” in Charleston, South Carolina.


One of the main reasons I have a passion for interior design is because I love to see people using spaces I’ve designed and interacting with different parts of the design in their daily life.  I find the user experience fascinating! The fact that I get to influence how people live is exciting.

It all started when my father piqued my interest in architecture and design by sending me photos of interesting cafes, cool new skyscrapers and always being interested in visiting new places with me.  That developed my ability to be a keen observer and I regularly put that to good use on my frequent travels where I’m always looking out for new design ideas and influences.

I’ve had the pleasure of designing for a diverse range of projects from theme parks, boutique hotels, cocktail lounges and showrooms, to private residences in styles ranging from very modern and contemporary to more woodsy and rustic.  My Bachelors Degree in Interior Design gave me a comprehensive grounding in design which I continue to develop through ongoing training.

My experiences in the world of 3D rendering have led me to create conceptual art, sculptures and digital characters.  I put that skill to good use here by creating renderings of kitchens, bathrooms, stair designs and almost any interior element that needs a 3D drawing to communicate visually with our clients.  Combined with my love of creating design concepts and curating unique finishing material packages, I’m told I offer our clients a full compliment of design services provided in a thoughtfully considered way.

I am dedicated to helping you create spaces that inspire!

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